Client Success Story

Adam Ridgley

0719Our Client of the Month is Adam Ridgley.  Adam enjoys his time each week going out to eat and to the Columbiana public Library, where he is very well known for his smile and always having a positive attitude.  He enjoys a variety of books which he will pick out each week.  Adam loves to look for just the right book as he will look over each one in his chosen category each week, which can range from sports, werewolves, and mermaids just to name a few.  The ladies at the library look forward to seeing him each week and are curious to which books he will choose.  He also enjoys looking at the DVD and CD collection as well, and will write down titles of DVD or CD's that are of interest to him.  CCBDD applauds Adam for being so socially active in his community, and encourages other clients to follow his example by getting involved in community resources like the library. 

July 2019