Client Success Story

Meghan Grimstad

meghanMeghan Grimstad is a hardworking and independent woman who continues to shine at work and in the community. As of recent, Meghan took her independence to a new level when she decided to advocate for herself as she was able to achieve her longtime goal of getting her guardianship back. Meghan has worked extremely hard on becoming more independent and making better choices for herself to make this goal achievable. Meghan has had the support of her father Dave who has recently passed away, and her uncle Mike along with many friends and family who have encouraged and helped her make better choices for herself. These individuals all played a very important role in Meghan gaining her independence back. In addition to Meghan becoming her own guardian, she also became her own payee which she is very proud of because this too has added to her independence and made it possible for her to have independence in all aspects and areas in her life. Meghan attended Penn Foster EDU, where she studied hard and obtained her teaching aide certificate. Currently Meghan is enrolled in an American Sign Language class online with ASL Start to be certified in sign language. This will only add to Meghan's other achievements she has made in her educational background and will also add to her resume as well. Meghan currently has not been able to find a job in Columbiana County doing what she loves just yet, but would still like to pursue a teaching career path. Most recently, Meghan is employed at Employment development Inc. where she has been employed since 2007. Meghan loves coming to work every day and has a strong work ethic that shows in the jobs she doe. More so, Meghan has recently purchased her own condo and is planning on fixing it up herself with the help of her uncle. Meghan has paid for everything herself without assistance from anybody or anything, which she is very proud of. Meghan will soon be living in the community independently and this is a goal she has wanted to reach for so long and she has finally accomplished it!

April 2019