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Upcoming Free Educational Opportunity

Nov NewsCCBDD is announcing an upcoming educational opportunity that is free to parents/caregivers in our region. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is conducting the Family Engagement Series, which is designed to unlock your strength, build a foundation, and learn skills and strategies to manage family stressors. These hands-on sessions will teach you practical ways to manage pressure, patience, and learn creative ways to modify your existing methods of coping... and caring for those you love. We must care for ourselves first in order to care for others in our family.

The Family Engagement Series will be an opportunity for families to get personal and work together to solve common — and uncommon — family stressors. Moderators will work with each group's real-life obstacles to find solutions that work for your entire family.

The sessions will take place on February 26-27 and April 2-3, at 5512 Youngstown-Poland Road in Youngstown, with options to attend a morning session from 9 AM-12 noon or an evening session from 6-9 PM.

For information and to register, please visit the website or call Steven Beha at DODD at (614) 466-4085.