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Stay Informed About CCBDD Events

CCBDD now has a way to keep you informed about special events we are hosting in real-time right at your fingertips. Want to get in the know? Follow these simple steps, and soon you will be getting text messages and reminders directly on your smart device about all of the special events and activities we plan to host and/or sponsor in 2019 and beyond;

remind1. Go to the App Store on your smart device/phone;

2. Download the App called "Remind" or "Remind: School Communication";

3. Once inside the App, find the option to "Join a Class";

4. Click on "Join a Class" and enter class code h87hdg9;

Once these steps are completed, you will receive a welcome message from CCBDD Notifications, and you're in! From there, periodically we will be sending text messages to all subscribers about all of the happenings at CCBDD. Your participation is completely voluntary, and we will still be adding special events on social media and other formats so everyone is kept informed.