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DSP Recognition Award

DSP1019In recognition of the critical role that direct support professionals (DSPs) play in Ohio's DD support system, OACB has commissioned a new award to be presented annually to a DSP who exemplifies the field's standards of professionalism, integrity, compassion, and respect. This award will recognize a DSP who has routinely exceeded the standards of the profession and whose work has had a demonstrable effect on the quality of life, wellbeing, and/or safety of a person they serve. Strong nominations will include specific examples of how the nominee has had this effect. These might include:

• Specific actions the DSP took to open new opportunities for a person served;

• Quick thinking that helped in a person or people served stay safe; or

• Personal advocacy for a person served in an important or difficult situation to ensure that person's needs were met.

The award recipient will be invited to OACB's Annual Awards Reception in the evening on Thursday, December 5, 2019 in Columbus. The winner will receive one night of lodging and dinner for their immediate family courtesy of OACB.OACB encourages nominations from people receiving direct services, family members, or provider agency managers who want to recognize the good work of one of their employees. Nominees of all experience levels will be considered. The deadline for submitting nominations is October 18, 2019. Please visit the OACB website to nominate a deserving candidate.