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CCBDD is working with a local film producer to develop a promotional media project that will outline many of the great services available to people with developmental disabilities in our county, and the future of DD services in our community.

Health & Safety Classes Offered at CCBDD

CCBDD will be offering ongoing health and safety classes. You can find descriptions and pricing information for those classes by clicking here.

Our training class schedule, listing the dates and times of classes offered this month, can be found under the Calendars tab on our website. The schedule will be updated monthly.

For further information on any classes offered by CCBDD, email ccbddrn@gmail.com.


Technology First Executive Order Signed by Governor

Gov. John Kasich signed the Technology First executive order May 24, making Ohio the first state in the country to place an emphasis on expanding access to technology for people with developmental disabilities."As we have worked in Ohio to renew economic growth and prosperity, we have made it a priority to leave no one behind -- including those with developmental disabilities," Gov. John Kasich said. "The advancements we are seeing in technology with remote monitoring and advanced sensors are helping improve the way we care for those with disabilities and significantly improve the quality of life and increase independence for many. We can and should put these breakthroughs to work for the Ohioans who need them."

John Martin, director of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, said Ohio is a national leader in technology.

"We have more folks using remote technology, we think, any other state in the United States," Martin said. "We have come a long way since being the first state to have it in our waiver, to where we are today.

"Thanks to Gov. Kasich for really supporting us on this technology adventure that we are on. We are here today because of the support of a lot of folks in our community. We have families who pushed for it, individuals with disabilities who have asked for it, county board folks who their (service and support administrators) have worked with staff and inventors [and] advocacy groups to help move this forward."

CCBDD is also expanding its efforts to bring technology to the individuals we serve in our county, and pre-ISP planning and assessments will now include a discussion of how technology can enhance safety, increase independence, and promote innovative support for our clients. This will include a Technology Summit with waiver providers and DODD staff to be held later this summer.


Provider Guide Plus

PGplusIn response to many requests from parents, guardians, and individuals over the years, a collaborative work group has developed this on-line tool to be used to review providers of services for people with developmental disabilities in Ohio.  It is intended to help people select a provider and help improve overall services.  It allows people to post public reviews on providers' services and to read others' reviews.  Think of websites like Angie's List or TripAdvisor, which allow people to search for a business such as a contractor or restaurant, and read customer reviews of the provider to make a better informed choice on whether to use that service or not.  Reviews are made by individuals or families served by a particular provider, and are anonymous.  Reviewers are strongly discouraged from including any HIPAA protected information in the context of their review.  Reviews can be positive or negative in nature, depending on the experience the individual had with the provider.  Providers will have an opportunity to reply to reviews in an effort resolve negative feedback, as well as have the ability to customize their site with logos, photos, and other marketing information promoting their business.

Please check out website http://providerguideplus.com for more details.